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The Story

In 2012 I had a clear vision of an elephant taking his own photograph with a camera. I had no idea where this thought came from, and little did I know how this one little thought would change my life.

Before this moment I knew nothing about elephants. From this day, I started to learn about animal communication (whispering) and how sometimes the ideas and thoughts we have are not our own.

I started to ask the question. Was it possible that an elephant somewhere was trying to communicate with me, with us?  Some people have a calling from God or something else. I believe I have been called by the elephants. I resisted for a long time, and I know this sounds crazy believe me. 

Off I went. I packed my bags and set off to find this elephant that wanted to take photographs and prove animal communication does exist.

Follow me through a journey that has taken 7 years. It has taken me to Thailand, Hawaii, London and Africa. I have battled with my own scepticism and thought I was crazy. I had times when nothing was giving me answers, and then the path was so clear it was undeniable.

There is no denying the elephants have a message for us. Meet the animal communicators I met along the way and what we uncovered together was far beyond what I could have ever planned.

Watch what happens when you listen to the call and watch what incredible things unfold as we are lead by the message of the elephants.

This story is still unfolding as I write this story.

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